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Creating the opportunity for your body to heal itself
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 Changing your health  
   changes your life.

What are your goals for your health? And, what are your expectations of chiropractic care? What do you want to achieve?

After gathering information about your health through a case history and examination, we will talk with you about how we can help you reach your health goals. Every step of care will be explained to you, and your questions will be answered. You will be given an individualized care plan.  We will talk about what you can expect from care and what you need to do to help your care be most effective.
Health begins on the inside.  The health that we see on the outside first begins on the inside.  Real health - inner health - requires a self sustaining system where the body maintains its own health - whose internal systems express ease (all systems adapting harmoniously).  A properly functioning nervous system is critical for guiding your body to express a state of self-sustaining ease. 
Some very important questions...

1.  What is your vision for health? Is your body made to be healthy?  

2. How do you get to health?  Do you micromanage function and  
    mask symptoms? or... Give your body the conditions that it needs 
    to do real healing from the inside?

3. What are the big factors that your body needs for health?

4. Do you know that specific chiropractic care is primarily about 
    removing an interference to the nervous system so that your whole 
    body is healthier?  Structure follows function.  Spinal imbalances 
    and deterioration are the effect of long-term functional problems. 
The "Big Idea" is that the body is always striving to maintain health. The nervous system plays a primary role in the body's never-ending effort to keep itself healthy. If the nervous system is compromised, internal health diminishes.
                       Did you know.....

                       Professional & Olympic athletes use chiropractic care 
                       to increase both their performance and their health.

Studies show that: 
Adding chiropractic care decreases healthcare costs!

Subluxations often exist "silently" - without pain - for decades or a lifetime.  During this time, nerve pressure to the spinal cord causes organs and systems to malfunction contributing to the full spectrum of loss-of-health issues.
Call today to talk with us about how chiropractic care can help you achieve your health goals. 

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                 When a vertebra of the spine becomes slightly misaligned, it 
                 causes nerve pressure and interference which affects function 
                 throughout the body. Subluxations usually do not cause local 
                 pain, which results in many people suffering for decades from 
                 the effects of spinal cord nerve interference - never knowing that 
                 there is an easily correctable solution to improve their health.

Doctors of chiropractic locate and correct vertebral subluxations thereby restoring the body to its more normal design of a clear nervous system. With the nervous system working properly to regulate function, the body is critically more capable of being the self-sustaining, self-healing system that it was designed to be.  Chiropractic removes an interference to the body's striving to maintain its own health; chiropractic does not regulate pain, fight disease, stifle symptoms, or manage body chemistry. 

Long-term health requires that we invest in giving our body the conditions it needs throughout our life.