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Dr. Tonine Gelardi has over 25 years experience in private practice, has served for seven years as an associate professor in the Clinical Sciences Division at Sherman College of Chiropractic (also serving as a clinical staff doctor), and has served as a member of the Board of Trustees of two chiropractic colleges for 12 years. She is an international lecturer on spinal examination, vertebral adjusting, and the care of children.
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Gelardi Chiropractic, 3210 Millwood Ave, Columbia, SC 29205

Your health is our priority.  We strive to provide the best chiropractic care in an atmosphere of respect -- achieved by communication and recognition of the individuality of each person's body, life, and health care goals.

We are dedicated to a vision of a healthy world, and work toward that vision by providing, to one person at a time, precision subluxation-centered chiropractic care and by expanding understanding of the health principles that empower each of us to make better choices for sustaining our health. 


We have a vision of health for all people and for the planet.   This is a vision for responsible and sustainable living - one that respects the natural design for life.  

We believe that individual health and a healthy planet are a much nearer - more attainable - option than most people believe.  Law, and not chaos, is the dominating principle in the universe.  By working with, rather than with disregard for, natural laws, this reality is very possible for the person seeking health and for the planet as a whole. 

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