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How an Upper Cervical Subluxation Affects the Structure of the Entire Spine 2 min.
Subluxations can exist at any segment in the spine and affect the balance and strength of the entire spine.  The upper cervical subluxation is uniquely (1) more prevalent in the spine, (2) more damaging to the nervous system - and therefore more damaging to function within the body​, (3) causes more structural compensation within the rest of the spine, and (4) requires greater precision to make a good correction (adjustment).

Most subluxations do not cause pain, or do not cause pain for decades, or do not cause pain at the place where they exist. 

Subluxations can exist quietly, contributing to serious imbalance and deterioration in the spine, and contributing to a myriad of health problems due to the nerve interference in the spine.
The Big Idea 5 min.  This is a great introduction to chiropractic care, nicely organized, great visuals!  Please forward this URL to your friends.
The "Big Idea" is that the body is always striving to maintain health.  The nervous system plays a primary role in the body's never-ending effort to keep itself healthy.  If the nervous system is compromised, internal health diminishes.

When a vertebra of the spine becomes slightly misaligned, it causes nerve pressure and interference which affects function throughout the body. These vertebral subluxations usually do not give local pain, which results in many people suffering for decades from the effects of spinal cord nerve interference - never knowing that there is an easily correctable solution to improve their health.

Doctors of chiropractic locate and correct vertebral subluxations thereby restoring the body to its more normal design of a clear nervous system that can work properly to better maintain health.  Chiropractic does not regulate pain, fight disease, stifle symptoms, or manage body chemistry. 

It is a critical consideration for long-term health to restore the body's natural design for health so that it can do its own healing.

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Causes of Subluxation Video 1  2 min
As you watch this collection of childhood tumbles, think of your spine - and in particular, your neck.

Causes of subluxations can be physical macro-forces like in this video.  Other macro-forces include auto accidents, traumatic birth process, sports injuries, general sports impacts that do not result in obvious injury, falls off horses, flips on the water when skiing... 

Causes of subluxation can also be micro-forces -- the small repetitive stressors to the body. One of the easiest to visualize is bad posture -- such as sitting with the computer screen to the side of your desk causing you to be in a twisted position all day long.


Medication Side Effects - Tim Hawkins Comedian  2 min
Medication Side Effects - Comedian Tim Hawkins 2 min