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Chiropractic Care 

Chiropractic care contributes to total health by locating and correcting one particularly devastating interference to the body's natural design to keep itself healthy and strong - vertebral subluxations.​ 

Your body is designed to be healthy.  When this design is violated, your health suffers.  Correct the violation - and you restore the conditions that your body needs to best maintain and regain its health. 

Recorded history reveals that 5,000 years ago in China and 3,000 years ago in Egypt, man went to the spine in an effort to heal ailments of the body; but, it was not until 1895 that the science of chiropractic was discovered and developed.  If man previously understood why the spine plays such a critical role in whole health and how to objectively examine and adjust subluxations, it did not survive in our historical record.

Today, chiropractic offers a well-developed scientific system for finding and correcting vertebral subluxations. 

Importance of the Nervous System

Health depends upon the body coordinating the function of its 60 trillion cells -- and this process of coordinating function is the job of the brain and nervous system. Every part of the body plays a valuable role in keeping you healthy.  The heart pumps nutrients; the lungs bring in oxygen... and the brain and nerves communicate instructions to every cell telling them how to work harmoniously with the rest of the body. Chiropractic care corrects a central interference to the body's system for regulating and coordinating its functions.

What Causes Subluxations?

Falls of a toddler, bicycle accidents, a bad dive into water, a car accident, a football tackle, a soccer ball to the head, a mid-jump collision on the basketball court, a fall up the stairs (or down), wrestling with your child, carrying your child, the birth process, repetitive postures, stress, and many other forces have the potential to cause subluxations. See our videos about Causes of Subluxation.

If You Do Not Have Back Pain, Could You Have a Subluxation?

Yes.  Most subluxations do not cause local pain.  Subluxations can exist for years or decades or a lifetime without back pain being present. During this time, a person may suffer poor health in a variety of ways related to the nerve interference and, unless examined by a chiropractor, not know that vertebral subluxation is present.

Many subluxations occur in childhood and go undetected.  Because subluxations can do harm "quietly" for decades, it is important to periodically have your spine checked by a doctor of chiropractic.  Early detection and correction of subluxations are important for best health.

What Is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

The chiropractor applies a quick pressure to release the subluxated vertebra and allow it to re-align to its correct position. A chiropractic adjustment occurs when the force given by the chiropractor is received and used by the body to make a good correction.

In your initial consultation please ask and Dr. Gelardi will be happy to demonstrate how an adjustment is made (this is not on your spine, but will let you see what an adjustment is like).

The techniques that are used at our office are:
1.  By hand. Precise. Gentle. Specific.
2.  A quick gentle pressure, with a precise contact point and angle of correction.
3.  We do not use high velocity rotational adjustments or any methods that twist the 
4.  The type of force that we use is a light fast toggle recoil, and a light fast sustained
     thrust for some lower spine adjustments. Patients generally lie on their side for 
     cervical adjustments and face down for lower spine adjustments.
5.  We use the following techniques: Upper Cervical Specific, Blair, Gonstead, and 
     Diversified; and integrate concepts from Orthogonality, NUCCA, HIO, KCUCS, 
     Thompson and other techniques.

What Is a Chiropractic Visit Like?

On your initial visit, you provide a case history, and we share information so that we understand your health concerns and you understand what we do. Then we examine your spine for subluxations (with temperature scans, leg balance checks, palpation of muscle tension imbalances, joint motion and bony position and posture). Once we have examined your spine, we know what area(s) we need to see on x-ray (we use x-ray conservatively). 

On the second visit, we review your x-rays and exam findings with you, give you a plan of care, re-examine your spine to establish a better baseline of subluxation pattern, make necessary adjustment(s), have you rest for 15 minutes (this lets the entire spine settle and increases stability or holding of the adjustment), and then recheck the spine to observe the positive change.  (We make every effort for you to receive care within one business day; please talk to us about degree of emergency and your scheduling needs).  

On every visit, we examine your spine to learn if the subluxation is present. On the visits when your spine is "clear" or subluxation-free, no adjustment is made. When the subluxation re-occurs, adjustments are made. As your spine gains stability, visits are set at wider intervals.  

Chiropractic Care Saves Money

Research shows that:

People spend less in total for their health care when they add chiropractic.

See our FAQ re cost of care for more info.

A subluxation is a spinal bone that is slightly misaligned and causing nerve impingement and interference to the mental impulses traveling from the brain to cells and systems of the body. A subluxation contributes to spinal imbalance and dysfunction and - more importantly - to dysfunction of cells, organs and systems of the body. Subluxations rarely give local pain.
What Is a Vertebral Subluxation?
Can chiropractic care help you?

​Please, please take some time to learn about chiropractic.  Please do not pass chiropractic by because you do not know.

I grew up with chiropractic care - conservative specific care - both of my parents are chiropractors. I keep my spine checked regularly and only occasionally need to be adjusted.  For me, living without subluxation is such a better life.  My entire body is more comfortable, my energy is vastly greater, my mind is clearer, my mood is more caring and optimistic, and my general health is better.

I welcome you to sit and talk with me about your health concerns and whether chiropractic care could help you. 

I wish great health for you!   
We offer consultations (informational visits) at no charge and welcome the opportunity to answer your questions. Your health is too important to put off a decision because you don't have good information! Please call us - 803.251.2552. or request information in the form below.
Please be sure to watch 
the video "The Big Idea
What is Chiropractic Care?