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Do you use x-ray?
Yes, we use x-ray conservatively with most adult cases.  (There are times when we do not need or cannot take films).  X-rays give an enormous amount of information so that we can make a precision adjustment that matches both the vectors of misalignment and the angles of the person's articular (joint) surfaces.  This increased precision gets better results and less care is then needed.  X-rays also let us see that there is normal anatomy and no contraindications for adjusting such as fracture or severe deterioration.

As a rule, we do not x-ray pregnant women or young children.

Generally, x-rays are taken at the start of care and these films are all that are needed for several years.  If you have had x-rays taken in the past year before starting care, we may be able to use them rather than take new films. (This depends on your case and the chiropractic quality of the films).

Please fell free to discuss this with us for more information relative to your spine.