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Chiropractic care at our office is very moderately priced relative to today's health care costs.  
We are happy  to share our fees with you; please click the contact us button or call us and 
request our fees.  We will tell you basic costs and/or email our fees to you.  The best way, 
however, to find out what chiropractic care will cost is to schedule a free consultation where 
we can talk about your individual health care needs.

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Chiropractic care lowers total health care expenses:  Research regularly reveals that chiropractic care saves money.  One of the more recent studies in Texas revealed that when people have insurance coverage for chiropractic, that group of people spent 12% less in total for their health care (compared to groups without chiropractic coverage).  Considering that many of the people who have insurance coverage for chiropractic care will not use chiropractic care, this is an amazing statistic.  

Chiropractic care increases productivity and earning potential:  Workman's compensation studies show that people return to work 2 to 10 times sooner when they receive chiropractic care.  Good health saves money in both health care costs and in increased earning potential.

Long-term Health:  When making important decisions - and your health is important - please consider long-term consequences.  Your long-term health depends on addressing health problems with real solutions, not by masking pain and symptoms.
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Research shows that chiropractic care saves money! 
How much does chiropractic care cost?