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The video "The Big Idea" is the best introduction to chiropractic's role in health. 

This answer is not meant to be a substitute for professional evaluation by a chiropractor.  We offer a consultation at no charge and welcome you to talk with us about your individual health care needs.

Once you understand what a subluxation is -- a vertebra that is slightly out-of-line that is causing nerve interference to the vital nerve messages traveling from brain to body (this causes a lack of healthy function and contributes to a myriad of health problems) -- and that the body is working hard, but unsuccessfully, to correct this subluxation (this leads to muscle contractions and a domino of structural imbalance) -- then you can appreciate the importance of having subluxations corrected.

Most people do not know when a subluxation exists in their spine.  The subluxation may be contributing to structural imbalance, wear-and-tear to the spine, or inhibiting the spine from healing from trauma.  The nerve interference component of the subluxation may also be contributing to many dysfunctions in the body.  Your body is designed to be healthy; and, if health is not present, looking for the violations to that natural design and correcting them often results in the greatest benefit to health.

Chiropractic care is about helping 
your body be better able to do its own healing.  
Chiropractic care is about "real healing."

Real healing is the process of regaining the natural design where your body can maintain and regulate its own functions in a state of health.  All healing comes from within.  If you are going to find your way back to health, you have to give your body the conditions that it needs to do its own healing from the inside-out.

"I love what I do. Chiropractic care does not mask issues. It is not providing a crutch for the body nor is it about managing the body or imposing from the outside some idea of what the body should do. Chiropractic simply returns the body to its natural design of an aligned spine with a clear nervous system. To release the subluxation is to get the interference out of the way - and WOW! It is amazing to watch what the body can do - what the body is meant to do - which is "heal itself."
  Can Chiropractic Help Me?